Village Experience

Village Experience

A lived journey through the past, present, and future, by Industrial Village.

A lived journey through the past, present, and future, by Industrial Village.

For a complete and immersive experience through the history and spaces of the Industrial Village, we offer guided tours led by highly specialized guides. A significant journey through past, present, and future through the vehicles displayed in the Historic Gallery and in the Showroom.


    A fascinating journey through the history of industrial vehicles from the 1900s to today


    Inviting you to discover Industrial products, FTP powertrains, and futuristic Concepts.


    Iveco-Orecchia Dealership: quality products and professional services


    Diagnostics and real time monitoring for all Industrial vehicles circulating worldwide.


The Historical Gallery displays a powerful, nostalgia evoking story through the evolution of technology and design. A collection of industrial vehicles from the beginning of the 1900s until today, representing the DNA of IVECO GROUP, the Industrial Village’s vision that achieved a significant economic contribution for the country.

The present day

The Showroom exhibits a fascinating panorama of contemporary Industrial vehicle evolution, from mechanised production to an industrial reality 4.0. A versatile modern space with a vibrant international atmosphere that can be transformed into an exceptional venue for events.

Transport of the Future

The present is projected toward a future of groundbreaking concepts — characterised by innovation and sustainability — while the Control Room avails of the most advanced diagnostics and remote monitoring system for commercial vehicles globally.